WOW!!!  My p

"Dear Teachers,
I'm a high school graduate because YOU helped
me OVERCOME my speech impediment and learning
disabilities.  I owe my success to you. Thank You!"
Hayden Hendrix

I give the students an opportunity to get a comic strip
that has wisdom and answers to tough questions.
1.Academic Excellence
2.Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention
3.The Busted Bullies
4.Suicide Prevention
5.Setting Goals
6.Character Development
7.Love & Respect for Others
8.Abstinence (Upon Request)
9.The Power Of Choices 
10.    Teachers Are YOUR Keys To Success

Hayden has appeared on FOX NEWS, MSNBC,
ABC, CBS and for years hosted in own
motivational TV program in Arkansas.

"I have motivated over 1000 public schools toward academic excellence, character development
and courage to
make right choices. 
I hope your school
will be next!"