Outreach Event For of All Ages

My family friendly ministry has proven over the years to be an effective tool in reaching people of all ages without Christ.  I provide an exciting and comical program with all sorts of brick breaking power stunts.  It's anchored with biblical messages of hope and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  After the good news is preached people can respond to God’s call. 

Sr. Pastor Randy Magar, Lincoln 1st B.C., AR
“Top notch school assemblies, whole community
came out to our church, people of all ages were
saved! ...ministered for me many times over the
years, his revival meetings are much more than
just brick breaking, the Spirit of God moves and
our church core is always encouraged by
Hayden’s powerful preaching.”

Similar ministries can be overwhelming in cost
and time needed for planning.  That's why
I’m just a "1 Man" ministry.  I bring most of
the materials with me so the host church does
not have to look for, purchase and transport them.

Bottom-Line, what can be expected?
1.A near turn-key event that needs just one volunteer for planning
2.A cost effective ministry as I bring most of the materials with me
3.A good number of people who accepted Christ will need Follow Up
4.A promise from me to responsibly share the biblical message of Christ