I'm Hayden Hendrix so... hey again.  Today life is pretty great, I love wrestling my kids and just hanging out with my pretty wife.  Life was not always so joyful and calm.  Like many students growing up, I had a broken home, speech impediment, learning disabilities and physical problems.  Yet I found the strength to overcome through the Lord, teachers, friends and hope for what the future could be.

By God’s grace I was able to live my dream of playing
college football in Arkansas and have ministered in over
300 churches.  My motivational school programs have
reached over 1000 schools around the U.S. and a
dozen countries. 

Growing up in Arkansas makes me a huge Razorback
fan and guy who loves fishing and swimming in our
lakes.  I’ve been happily married to my wife Lori for
11 years.  We have two amazing children, Grace
(8) and Hoyt (4).  I tell everyone that, "everyday
is like Christmas!"  80's music is totally awesome dude!

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