Hello Educators, my name is Hayden Hendrix and for years my passion has been to inspire students. These assemblies reflect the spirit of RED RIBBON WEEK.  My "1 Man" programs are filled with amazing feats of strength, a small RC drone, comical stories and heartfelt wisdom!  Right choices allowed me to overcome a tragic broken home, being expelled, learning, speech and physical disabilities.  I earned a masters in education and do what I love.  My life story instills hope for a successful future and motivates students to aspire to greatness in the classroom and life... instantly!  My program fee is affordable for all schools.
Superintendents, Principals, Counselors and Teachers... see the culture
of your schools changed in less than a hour!

Being a 6'5 power lifter, having played college football in Arkansas and my inspirational TV segments are platforms I also utilize to gain student's attention and respect. PUROSE, PASSION, HOPE and HARD WORK are the bottom-lines if one is going to make it in today's world. YOU know these time-tested principles of success are true. I will not embarrass anyone or say something inappropriate. I also leave politics and religion out.  You will get a great program and your students will be given the tools to create a vision and how to reach it!

Administrators in large inner city schools like Central High in Arkansas
to small elementary schools appreciate I reinforce their core values
already being taught. Their is nothing on your end to plan for since
it's all turn-key.  The U.S. Army awarded my overseas  ans stateside efforts
with a commendation for encouraging new recruits, average age is 19. 
Hayden Hendrix  501-658-8199